Fear and Awe | Story Matters

Fear and Awe | Story Matters.

I am a huge Johnny Cash fan. One of the first artists my kids could recognize was Cash. Our dog is named Cash. So when I heard that my friend Greg Breeding was going to make the Johnny Cash stamp – well – I was thrilled for him. So I thought I’d place this out here – to somehow join in honoring Cash and my friend.


One thought on “Fear and Awe | Story Matters”

  1. I too am a huge Cash fan and had the privilege of singing with him in 1974 on a television special. I have one of a few all Black Martin D-35 “Johnny Cash” model guitars signed by his son. I don’t play it much but I’ll need to bring it in one day to let you check it out. I still sing his music as my grandfather raised me on his songs! Peace, Randy M.

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