Worship and all that goes with it

Monday – August 2, 2011

I’m in my last leg of DMin classes at Covenant. Today, we started a discussion on the subject of worship. Mark Dalbey presented the class with a question – just a simple – get to know you and what you hope to get from this class sort of question. We went around the room – starting with me (even though I always sit in the wayyy back). My question is very much related to what is going on at TPC right now. It is the question of the sacraments (particularly the Lord’s Supper) and how they fit into worship. Should they be done weekly? Is the Lord’s Supper primarily about edification or missional? How missional is the Lord’s Supper? And who should distribute the elements?

One of the reasons that last part came up has to do with the struggle TPC is facing regarding the role of women in leadership – and the desire for some to have women serving the elements – and the counter desire of some not to have women serve. Dalbey wanted very much to answer all the questions from all the folks in the room – but he restrained himself. However, in his brief lecture he touched on something. He pointed out that one aspect of a worship service is that it is done under the “oversight of Elders & utilizing gifts of the congregation.”

I found that interesting and at the same time it opened up a host of questions for me. How does that relate to my questions? How does this give shape to the sacraments?

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