About Mark…Notes from the Ruins

Like most people I am trying to figure out how to become better – a better man, husband, dad, – among other things. This blog is all mostly about the things that shape my life. Writing things out helps me to put things into perspective – and maybe my ramblings will help others as well – so I post them here.

It may help for you to know a bit about who I am. I am a man of faith – a follower of Christ & a pastor – so I write a lot about that. I have an amazing family – so I write about family. Being southern – I’m a story-teller – and on occasion there will be a short-story. I am learning to cook and garden – mostly because I love it and because it is how I show people I love them – cook them great food! So I write about that.

All of those things together give shape to my life, help me to make sense of things. I also see writing as part of what God would have me to do – to help and speak hope into the world in some small way. In fact that’s the reason for the name of this blog. It comes from a prayer in the Old Testament book of Psalms – Psalm 74:3. It says, “Direct your steps to the perpetual ruins; the enemy has destroyed everything in the sanctuary! (Psalm 74:3 ESV).” What I believe more than anything is that Jesus will come again and restore and renew all things. Until then, though, I believe my calling as a pastor is to work toward the renewal of all things, to help in God’s mission of shalom. This blog, in a small way, is trying to help bring renewal as I pray for God to “direct His steps to our perpetual ruin.”

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